Laurel and Lucy met at the SciFi Weekender, and bonded whilst shivering in a caravan and verbally writing a graphic novel series under the working title of 'The Lucky Strikes' (as both of their initials are LS). 'The Lucky Strikes' were a crime fighting duo in which Lucy's alter ego was a kung-fu fighting Mary Poppins, and Laurel's was a world-weary, whisky-drinking, braces-wearing brawler. In real life, Lucy is a film archivist who loves Star Trek: TNG and Laurel writes fantasy and dreams about befriending a talking fox. After leaving the altered state of consciousness that February in a caravan in Wales surrounded by SciFi fans induced, they decided that 'The Lucky Strikes' was probably better left behind. But such a partnership could not be wasted! This magazine is a testament to a friendship sparked in a cold, dank, terrifying caravan.

Author of Feathered Familiars: Birds in Fantasy in issue#2


Victoria Hooper is a writer and editor living in Nottingham, UK. Her stories will be appearing this year in The Sword and Laser Anthology, Fox Pockets: Missing Monarchs, and Women Writing the Weird II: Dreadful Daughters. She is also a staff writer for Fantasy Faction. Victoria loves video games and cheesy movies, and can easily be bribed with chocolate brownies. Find her on Twitter @VickyThinks, or on her blog.

vic twitter pic

Victoria Hooper




Esther Saxey

Author of Come Back Early or Never Come in issue#2.


E. Saxey is fascinated by the ways gender, sexuality and fiction work together. Their previous work has appeared in anthologies including The Lowest Heaven (Jurassic London). They also lecture on contemporary fiction at the University of London. They're still waiting for a talking animal companion, as promised by childhood fantasy novels.

Tam MacNeil is a fantasy writer with a fondness for mythology and a penchant for stuntwriting. She lives and works in Victoria, BC, Canada.


Tam MacNeil

Author of In the Skin of a Goat issue#2

Cherry Potts is the author of two collections of short stories, Mosaic of Air (Arachne Press) and Tales Told Before Cockcrow(OWP) and has had many short stories published in anthologies and magazines, and performed. She is working on several novels. Cherry publishes anthologies of short stories as Arachne Press Limited and has released four so far. She runs writing workshops using Neurolinguistic Programming, hosts The Story Sessions at the Ivy House in Nunhead and coaches and mentors writers. She sings in choirs for fun, and lives in South London with her favourite person and two spoilt cats.


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Cherry Potts

Author of Earth Shaker issue#2

Author of Old Blood: Animals and the Wit in Robin Hobb in issue#2


EGY Quesseveur read British and American Literature and Civilisation for her degree. Passionnate about books (not to say a total addict), she's got a soft spot for... any genre. She is currently trying to uncover the secrets behind the baking of perfect macarons, but for now she has only reached the "crackaroon" level.


EGY Quesseveur

Lucyandlaurel2 Lucy2

Tracy Fells

Author of Down Came a Blackbird issue#2


Tracy lives with her family near the South Downs in West Sussex. She has been shortlisted in numerous writing competitions and published both online and in magazines with short stories and flash fiction. Currently she is working on a novel and an MA in Creative Writing at Chichester University. She shares a writing blog with The Literary Pig and tweets as @theliterarypig. Actively involved in West Sussex Writers, a local writing group, Tracy loves meeting other writers to talk shop. She does not talk to blackbirds or herself.


Faye McNulty is a freelance printmaker and textile designer. She has worked with innovative textile design centers –including the Textile Futures Research Centre and the London Printworks Trust – and as technical support to award-winning designer Linda Florence for the past seven years on handprinted wallpapers and on projects featured at Kaunas Textiles Biennial and the V&A Museum. She has printed and consulted for internationally renowned artists, cultural institutions and fashion designers such as Yinka Shonibare, Sonia Boyce, Preen, Victoria Beckham and The Foundling Museum. She has over five years experience teaching textile and wallpaper printing, most recently leading short courses at Chelsea College, UAL. Currently Faye is developing new interior products with upholsterer Emma Meadows under the name Hatcham Studio.

Faye McNulty

Holdfast logo


Zoe Ann Lee is currently in her final year of studying for her BA (Hons) Degree in Illustration at Bristol UWE. After years of dabbling with different mediums, she has finally settled on a unique technique which combines cut paper, drawing and photography. When she's not littering her long suffering housemates' living room with bits of paper, Zoe likes to walk wistfully around Clifton, make questionable mojitos and shrilly remind everyone how insane it is that Page 3 still exists (not simultaneously). Her online portfolio can be found at and she can be contacted at [email protected]

Zoe Ann Lee

The Crown image issue#1, Earth Shaker image issue#2

Kirsty Greenwood profile picture

With the advantage of an illustrative mind-set, Kirsty is motivated by ephemeral visual misunderstanding, transient half-light, ocular strangeness, nightmares, dreams and fleeting glimpses of unreality. Inspired by Faerie tales, myths and legends, ailuroanthropy, science, Alice-syndrome and transformation, childhood memories, ghost stories, naiveté, music, antique cultures, Quixotism and true romanticism; her idiosyncratic work often has its roots in dreamlike non-realities to create Art contained by the renovating of influences and ideas into images which often convey feelings of otherworldly states. Favouring pencil and ink, mixing with photography and print, Greenwood likes to work intricately to produce detailed phantasmagorias, unusual scenarios and creatures. For further examples or to commission work please visit this site.

Kirsty Greenwood

Homecoming image issue#1, In the Skin of a Goat image issue#2

photo for Holdfast

A long-time artist but reluctant promoter, Jessica's first collection, painted in her top floor flat of Beryl Court in Johannesburg with a spectacular view of the Hillbrow skyline, was decimated by visitors, fans and friends before she had a chance to exhibit. Also a writer/director for the TV industry and a film-maker  - painting was initially a device to decompress after the hectic pace of working in this stressful environment, however it has since evolved and she now has a small following of collectors of her works. Currently Jessica lives with her husband Arno and teenage daughter Molly in the semi-rural area Chartwell, just outside Johannesburg and is expecting her second child soon.  A lover of all art forms, Jessica also loves to cook for friends and throw wild parties.  

Jessica Carmen Shamley

Down Came a Blackbird image issue#2


Author of Dragons in Other Media in issue#2.


Brooke Rogers wrote the blog Reluctantly Meat Free, and was formerly a drummer in the Llama Farmers and exlovers. He spends a lot of his time thinking about American football, how to make the perfect stew and playing Battlefield.

Brooke Rogers

Eric Randolph


Author of The Unbelievers issue#1 and issue#2.


Eric Randolph is an AFP journalist who specialises in foreign affairs, politics and SE Asia. He has written for the Independent, Foreign Affairs and The Economist.


He is a member of Beacon:

Shashi Abayasekera

Playlist illustrations: issue#1 Sirens, issue#2 Beasts

Shashi Abayasekera is at her happiest when eating ice cream, second only to choosing which flavour of ice cream to eat. Trained as an architect, she would like to one day design and open her own ice cream parlour so she can be surrounded by what she loves. She is knitting a pair of mittens for the winter.

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Matthew Clark Hellery

Spider's Web image issue#1, Come Back Early or Never Come issue#2


Matthew Clark Hellery is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator working out of Devon. Ever since he was young, Matthew has drawn cartoons and pictures for friends and family. A childhood spent travelling the worlds of Marvel and DC before exploring the real world fed his imagination. Matthew has created illustrations for movie festivals, books and magazines.

Website:  twitter: @_redfacedmonkey



Laurel Sills

Lucy Smee

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D. B. Brodie

Author of Foot Hoof Paw issue#2


D. B. Brodie was born in Kansas City, Kansas.  After school he moved first to Boston, then to Los Angeles, where, in addition to writing, he works as a film and video editor.

foothoofpaw full

Mat Andrew

Foot Hoof Paw image issue#2


Mat Andrew lives with his family in Exeter, where he is a cinema projectionist. He is also a filmmaker, graphic artist, amazing Lego-builder and fun dad.

NovelAlice jacob

Jacob M Wolf

Pelt image issue#2


Jacob M Wolf is an illustrator based in London and Bristol, currently finishing his degree at the University of the West of England. Jacob has a passion for painting and portraiture, but also enjoys working digitally to create character designs and conceptual scenes. From time to time, Jacob dabbles in animation, up until his sanity needs replenishing. Jacob enjoys video games more than he'd comfortably admit, and someday hopes to work in game or animation design. Jacob spends his free time struggling to write short biographies. This is his website that he actually made himself:


Kitty Fitzgerald

Author of Pelt issue#2


Kitty has written four novels, several theatre plays and radio dramas for BBC Radio 4. She started writing short stories after winning the Latitude Festival/Notes from the Underground 2009 Short Story Competition. Since then she has had stories published online and in anthologies. IRON Press published her debut short story collection - Miranda's Shadow - in 2013. Last year she was shortlisted for: 2013 William Trevor/Elizabeth Bowen Short Story Award and the Highlands & Islands Short Story Award. Website link.

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