Laurel and Lucy met at the SciFi Weekender, and bonded whilst shivering in a caravan and verbally writing a graphic novel series under the working title of 'The Lucky Strikes' (as both of their initials are LS). 'The Lucky Strikes' were a crime fighting duo in which Lucy's alter ego was a kung-fu fighting Mary Poppins, and Laurel's was a world-weary, whisky-drinking, braces-wearing brawler. In real life, Lucy is a film archivist who loves Star Trek: TNG and Laurel writes fantasy and dreams about befriending a talking fox. After leaving the altered state of consciousness that February in a caravan in Wales surrounded by SciFi fans induced, they decided that 'The Lucky Strikes' was probably better left behind. But such a partnership could not be wasted! This magazine is a testament to a friendship sparked in a cold, dank, terrifying caravan.

Ambelin Kwaymullina is an Aboriginal writer, illustrator and academic who comes from the Palyku people. The homeland of her people lies in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. As well as YA speculative fiction novels, Ambelin writes and illustrates picture books and teaches law. For more about Ambelin visit her website.


Ambelin Kwaymullina




Ian Whates

Author of Beth and Bones in issue#5


Ian lives in a quiet Cambridgeshire village with his partner Helen. “Beth and Bones” takes place in Thaiburley, the setting of his City of 100 Rows trilogy of novels (Angry Robot). Ian also has two space operas, the Noise books, published by Solaris, and his latest novel, Pelquin’s Comet, is released this coming April. 60-odd of his short stories have appeared in various venues, two of which were shortlisted for BSFA Awards, and his second collection Growing Pains (PS Publishing) appeared in 2013. Ian has edited a number of anthologies and in 2014 one of these, Solaris Rising 2, was shortlisted for the Philip K. Dick Award. He has served a term as Overseas Director of SFWA and spent five years as chairman the BSFA, stepping down in 2013. In his spare time Ian runs multiple award-winning independent publisher NewCon Press, which he founded by accident in 2006.

Stephen Thom is from Carrbridge in the Highlands of Scotland and enjoys reading and writing fiction with an interpetive element. His pieces have appeared in Firewords Quarterly, High Flight, Don't Do It, Words Paint Pictures Journal, Thought Collection Publishing, Thick Jam and Puffin Review amongst others. He also plays mandolin in a folk-rock band called 'Dante'. Their debut album, 'Wake', was released in October 2013 to fantastic reviews and features in the Herald's 'Top 50 Scottish Albums of the Year'.

Website. Twitter: @StephenThom3. Dante's website. Dante Twitter: @wearedante.


Stephen Thom

Author of Shadow Cooking issue#5


Gillian Polack

Lucyandlaurel2 Lucy2 bio_faye_pic

Faye McNulty is a freelance printmaker and textile designer. She has worked with innovative textile design centers –including the Textile Futures Research Centre and the London Printworks Trust – and as technical support to award-winning designer Linda Florence for the past seven years on handprinted wallpapers and on projects featured at Kaunas Textiles Biennial and the V&A Museum. She has printed and consulted for internationally renowned artists, cultural institutions and fashion designers such as Yinka Shonibare, Sonia Boyce, Preen, Victoria Beckham and The Foundling Museum. She has over five years experience teaching textile and wallpaper printing, most recently leading short courses at Chelsea College, UAL. Currently Faye is developing new interior products with upholsterer Emma Meadows under the name Hatcham Studio.

Faye McNulty

Holdfast logo and issues #2, #3, #4, #5 header illustrations, Anthology cover


Natasha Brett Read is a jewellery designer, silversmith and artist living in southeast London with her husband and daughter Ivy. Even though she cares for a baby, she mostly blames her recent lack of sleep on staying up all night to finish Game of Thrones.

Natasha Brett Read

Fantasy Shark anthology illustration and Feet in the Sky illustration issue#5


Alex MacDonald


Author of The Unbelievers issue#4 and Issue#5


Alex MacDonald lives and works in London. He has had his poetry published in The Quietus, Clinic, 3AM and English PEN and was shortlisted for the Poetry School / Pig Hog Poetry Prize. He hosted a series of readings at the V&A Museum on independent poetry publishers and was recently the Poet in Residence for the Poetry School.

author ianwhates


Laurel Sills

Lucy Smee

Sonia Mullett


Author of the regular Rendezvous with Rare Books column: The Long Way Back by Margot Bennett in issue#4, John Aubrey in issue#5.


Sonia Mullett is an archive footage researcher living in London and sometimes wishing she didn't.

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Andrew Smee spends most of his time thinking about boardgames and baking, and is currently studying to be a primary school teacher. His favourite kind of cookie is all of them.

Square Square

Martin Robinson

Author of The Princess and the Powersuit issue#1 and Hubs are where the Heart is issue#5

Martin Robinson is Features Editor for Eurogamer, where his specialism is racing games. He is also the author of a number of coffee table video game art books, including Halo: the Great Journey - the Art of Building Worlds and collects boards for his Astro City arcade cabinet that takes up an unreasonable amount of space in the living room.

Michaela earns book vouchers, which she understands most people know simply as "money",  by working for a social care charity in London. She is possibly the only person alive to enjoy commuting, purely for the valuable reading time.


Michaela is a freelance writer who writes reviews, features and blogs for such websites as GeekPlanetOnline, Geek Syndicate and Sidekickcast. She also tweets far too much under the handle @bookiesnacksize.


Michaela Gray

Author of A Letter To... issue#5

Arike Oke

Author of Feet in the Sky in issue#5


Arike is a short story writer, a dance archivist and former rollergirl. Her fiction has been exhibited (Artlink Hull), performed (Liars League, Are You Sitting Comfortably?, Play!2013), anthologised (Collages, Bedford Square 7) and published in magazines (Words With Jam). She’s currently writing her first novel, ‘Outrigger’, a literary drama of family secrets and hidden identities.


Colleen Quinn

Author of Letters from the Tank in issue#5


Colleen Quinn grew up in upstate New York and was educated at Syracuse University. Her short fiction has appeared in Spinetingler Magazine, The Brooklyn Rail, and Gemini Magazine. Her work was also included in the anthology Behind the Yellow Wallpaper: New Tales of Madness, published by New Lit Salon Press in the spring of 2014. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY, where she works in the advertising industry.

Colleen Quinn Author Photo full

Mat Andrew

Foot Hoof Paw image issue#2, Night Owls image issue#3, Secret Six anthlogy image and Letters from the Tank image issue#5.


Mat Andrew lives with his family in Exeter, where he is a cinema projectionist. He is also a filmmaker, graphic artist, amazing Lego-builder and fun dad.


Zoe Ann Lee recently graduated with a BA (Hons) Degree in Illustration at Bristol UWE. After years of dabbling with different mediums, she has finally settled on a unique technique which combines cut paper, drawing and photography. When she's not littering her long suffering housemates' living room with bits of paper, Zoe likes to walk wistfully around Clifton, make questionable mojitos and shrilly remind everyone how insane it is that Page 3 still exists (not simultaneously). Her online portfolio can be found at and she can be contacted at [email protected]

Zoe Ann Lee

The Crown image issue#1, Earthshaker image issue#2, Octopus image anthology, Shadow Cooking image issue#5

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Naomi Saffron


Author of Childhood, Imagination and Place: Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane in issue#5


Naomi is a writer based in London. She is a regular contributor to The Girls Are, a female-focused music website/magazine, and has blogged for the East End Film Festival. Her favourite book is His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. When not writing she enjoys playing guitar and gazing through her telescope.

naomisaffron adrianmiles2

Adrian Miles

Beth and Bones illustration issue#5 and Hampton Court illustration issue#7


Adrian is currently a student of Ceramics in Cardiff. Combining this contemporary applied craft and his love for illustration makes him great conversation, so if you would like to chat or commission him, you can do so by emailing [email protected], or you can visit his blog: for more examples of his work and process.

Kirsty Greenwood profile picture

With the advantage of an illustrative mind-set, Kirsty is motivated by ephemeral visual misunderstanding, transient half-light, ocular strangeness, nightmares, dreams and fleeting glimpses of unreality. Inspired by Faerie tales, myths and legends, ailuroanthropy, science, Alice-syndrome and transformation, childhood memories, ghost stories, naiveté, music, antique cultures, Quixotism and true romanticism; her idiosyncratic work often has its roots in dreamlike non-realities to create Art contained by the renovating of influences and ideas into images which often convey feelings of otherworldly states. Favouring pencil and ink, mixing with photography and print, Greenwood likes to work intricately to produce detailed phantasmagorias, unusual scenarios and creatures. For further examples or to commission work please visit this site.

Kirsty Greenwood

Homecoming image issue#1, In the Skin of a Goat image issue#2, Gita's Talisman image issue#3, White Noise image issue#4, anthology image for Lemon Sandals, P99 image issue#5

Jason Preu

P99 author issue#5


Jason Preu lives and works in the Kansas City metro. His writing has appeared in WORK magazine, Kansas City Voices magazine, and the anthology Demonic Possession. Jason's screenplay, 'Night of the Mullets' was awarded the Audience Prize during the KC Screenwriters 2003 Short Screenplay Competition. Currently, Jason is at work on a collection of dystopian short stories best described as the malformed offspring of The Twilight Zone and The Office.


Tom Sheehan

Atlantic Gateway author issue#5


Sheehan served in the 31st Infantry Regiment, Korea 1951 and graduated from Boston College in 1956. His poetry books include Ah, Devon Unbowed; The Saugus Book; Reflections from Vinegar Hill; and This Rare Earth & Other Flights. Korean Echoes was nominated for a  Distinguished Military Award and The Westering, 2012, nominated for a National Book Award. Books published 2014 include The Nations and In the Garden of Long Shadows, from Pocol Press. He has 28 Pushcart nominations and his work has been published in anthologies, magazines and Internet sites in Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Italy, Mexico, Canada, Romania, India, Thailand, etc. Four books are in Pocol Press production cycle.


Luke Spooner a.k.a. ‘Carrion House’ and ‘Hoodwink House,’ currently lives and works in the South of England. Having graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a first class degree he is now a full time illustrator and writer for just about any project that peaks his interest. Despite regular forays into children's books and fairy tales, for which he has won awards for literary and artistic merit, his true love is anything macabre, melancholy or dark in nature and essence. He believes that the job of putting someone else’s words into a visual form, to accompany and support their text, is a massive responsibility as well as being something he truly treasures.

LA Spooner

Tui image issue#3, Antlers image issue#4 and Atlantic Gateway image issue#5

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