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Laurel and Lucy met at the SciFi Weekender, and bonded whilst shivering in a caravan and verbally writing a graphic novel series under the working title of 'The Lucky Strikes' (as both of their initials are LS). 'The Lucky Strikes' were a crime fighting duo in which Lucy's alter ego was a kung-fu fighting Mary Poppins, and Laurel's was a world-weary, whisky-drinking, braces-wearing brawler. In real life, Lucy is a film archivist who loves Star Trek: TNG and Laurel writes fantasy and dreams about befriending a talking fox. After leaving the altered state of consciousness that February in a caravan in Wales surrounded by ScFi fans induced, they decided that 'The Lucky Strikes' was probably better left behind. But such a partnership could not be wasted! This magazine is a testament to a friendship sparked in a cold, dank, terrifying caravan.


Chardine Taylor-Stone


fiction & poetry


Matt Appleby

Author of Homecoming issue#1


Matt Appleby is a 27-year-old slacker and aspiring novelist. He was born and raised in Winchester, and now lives in Rutland, which he greatly prefers. He currently works in a primary school kitchen, which he might one day write a story about, if he thought anyone would believe a word of it. 'Homecoming' is his first published work, hopefully the first of many. Also, discussing himself in the third person makes him profoundly uncomfortable. He fears it might be catching.

S. R. Manev is an award-winning young journalist who holds a degree in International Relations. He is a member of the Derry Playhouse Writers and the Varna Earthsea Club. His short fiction has appeared in Bulgarian magazines Shadowdance and Fantasy Factor. He has a fondness for coffee, dark chocolate and Tori Amos. Currently, he lives in Northern Ireland with his two dogs and an ever growing pile of books.


Follow him on twitter at @SRManev.  


S.R Manev

Author of Spider's Web issue#1

Rebecca Manser is a twenty-five year old aspiring fantasy author from Hertfordshire. Since graduating from university with a degree in English Literature with Creative Writing, she has written a number of short stories and poems alongside two lengthier pieces of fantasy fiction. With the manuscript for her first fantasy novel nearing completion, she will be seeking literary representation in the spring. You can follow Rebecca on her Wordpress blog (


Rebecca Manser

Author of The Crown issue#1

Author of  Margaret Cavendish: SFF’s Forgotten Ancestress in issue#1

Hel Gurney is a writer of poetry, prose, and fairytales that are somewhere between the two. Interested in boundaries and binaries, memories and mythologies, and how they can be blurred and transformed. Occasional sonneteer, sometime slam performer, translator from dead languages – patchwork poet. Grumpy queer-feminist activist, on-and-off gender academic, songwriter at Lashings of Ginger Beer Time, manager of the Cutlery Drawer. Londoner, Oxonian, Brightonaut – spends too much time on public transport.


Hel Gurney

Square Square

Eva Kerslake-Blue

Author and illustrator of Mirror Mirror issue#1


Eva Kerslake-Blue is eleven years old and loves writing and drawing. Since she was old enough to hold a piece of chalk and stand at a blackboard,she started drawing pictures, usually things that made her laugh hysterically like weird faces and rabbits with their eyes in their ears. After that she started adding words to things and has been passionate about stories and story-telling ever since. Last year she had a short play she wrote, Cat or What?, performed at the Royal Court Theatre by professional actors after she won a junior play-writing competition. At the moment she’s making short films on the iPad and drawing Manga figures. She was born and lives in South East London and attends Alfred Salter Primary School.


Faye McNulty is a freelance printmaker and textile designer. She has worked with innovative textile design centers –including the Textile Futures Research Centre and the London Printworks Trust – and as technical support to award-winning designer Linda Florence for the past seven years on handprinted wallpapers and on projects featured at Kaunas Textiles Biennial and the V&A Museum. She has printed and consulted for internationally renowned artists, cultural institutions and fashion designers such as Yinka Shonibare, Sonia Boyce, Preen, Victoria Beckham and The Foundling Museum. She has over five years experience teaching textile and wallpaper printing, most recently leading short courses at Chelsea College, UAL. Currently Faye is developing new interior products with upholsterer Emma Meadows under the name Hatcham Studio.

Faye McNulty

Holdfast logo


Zoe Ann Lee is currently in her final year of studying for her BA (Hons) Degree in Illustration at Bristol UWE. After years of dabbling with different mediums, she has finally settled on a unique technique which combines cut paper, drawing and photography. When she's not littering her long suffering housemates' living room with bits of paper, Zoe likes to walk wistfully around Clifton, make questionable mojitos and shrilly remind everyone how insane it is that Page 3 still exists (not simultaneously). Her online portfolio can be found at and she can be contacted at [email protected]

Zoe Ann Lee

The Crown image issue#1


With the advantage of an illustrative mind-set, Kirsty is motivated by ephemeral visual misunderstanding, transient half-light, ocular strangeness, nightmares, dreams and fleeting glimpses of unreality. Inspired by Faerie tales, myths and legends, ailuroanthropy, science, Alice-syndrome and transformation, childhood memories, ghost stories, naiveté, music, antique cultures, Quixotism and true romanticism; her idiosyncratic work often has its roots in dreamlike non-realities to create Art contained by the renovating of influences and ideas into images which often convey feelings of otherworldly states. Favouring pencil and ink, mixing with photography and print, Greenwood likes to work intricately to produce detailed phantasmagorias, unusual scenarios and creatures. For further examples or to commission work please visit this site.

Kirsty Greenwood

Homecoming image issue#1


Kay Sales is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and landscape architect, with a wide range of work experiences that include working at Dreamworks on animated feature films, designing children’s schoolgrounds, and drawing monsters ( She sees that all design is connected and it is the skills and experience gained throughout her career that enrich all that she does.


Kay is always interested in new challenges:

Kay Sales

Cross Media icon issue#1 and Bronze and Dream, the Gypsies Come fiction issue#1


Andrew Smee spends most of his time thinking about boardgames and baking, even though his jobs are working in a bun shop and writing about videogames and not baking. His favourite kind of cookie is all of them.

Andrew Smee

Author of You've got to be Strong to be the Slayer issue#1

Eric Randolph

Author of The Unbelievers issue#1


Eric Randolph is a freelance journalist who specialises in foreign affairs, politics and SE Asia. He has written for the Independent, Foreign Affairs and The Economist.


He is a member of Beacon:

Shashi Abayasekera

Sirens playlist image issue#1

Shashi Abayasekera is at her happiest when eating ice cream, second only to choosing which flavour of ice cream to eat. Trained as an architect, she would like to one day design and open her own ice cream parlour so she can be surrounded by what she loves. She is knitting a pair of mittens for the winter.

Square Square Square Square Square Square

Matthew Clark Hellery

Spider's Web image issue#1


Matthew Clark Hellery is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator working out of Devon. Ever since he was young, Matthew has drawn cartoons and pictures for friends and family. A childhood spent travelling the worlds of Marvel and DC before exploring the real world fed his imagination. Matthew has created illustrations for movie festivals, books and magazines.

Website:  twitter: @_redfacedmonkey

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Laurel Sills

Lucy Smee

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Zoe Gilbert

Author of Bronze and Dream, the Gypsies Come issue#1


Zoe Gilbert lives in London, where she writes short stories that are often inspired than folklore. Her stories have appeared in journals such as Luna Station Quarterly, Glint, Fringe Magazine and in UK and Irish anthologies from presses such as Cinnamon and Labello. She has also had flash fiction published by Vineleaves, the British Fantasy Society Journal, Flash and The Stinging Fly. She is currently working on a collection of folktale-ish stories for her PhD in Creative Writing at Chichester University, and spends a lot of time thinking about the woods.


Martin Robinson

Author of The Princess and the Powersuit issue#1

Martin Robinson is Features Editor for Eurogamer, where his specialism is racing games. He is also the author of a number of coffee table video game art books, including Halo: the Great Journey - the Art of Building Worlds and collects boards for his Astro City arcade cabinet that takes up an unreasonable amount of space in the living room.

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