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Dear Mr. Way,


Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from the position of Centre Manager at the Solar Systems branch of Milky Way Industries. Although it has been a difficult decision to make, I have been offered an opportunity elsewhere that I believe will help me reach my long-term career goals. As per the terms of my contract, I will continue to work for the company for a further twenty million years. If there are any areas in particular you would like me to focus on during my notice period, please do not hesitate to let me know.


I would like to thank you for the opportunities you have given me during my time at Solar Systems. As you know, it is a branch that I have nurtured from its very conception, in which I have invested a considerable amount of personal time and energy to realise, develop and sustain.


Perhaps the most notable achievement at SS has been our research into developing a microscopic sentient compound (MSC). Whilst I am not at liberty to disclose the formula for our success, I can confirm that our MSCs are significantly more advanced than those being developed in other branches of MWI. The MSCs have shown promising developments in their self-awareness and attempts to establish their place within the system. We derived a great deal of amusement in their belief that I and all the other co-ordinators revolved around what they like to consider their own ‘planet’ which they call Earth (I am of course referring to Terra). We immediately identified these misconceptions as standard traits of infantile narcissism which were ultimately corrected by one of the MSCs (labelled Galileo) which demonstrated a higher than average functioning capacity. Unfortunately we were unable to conduct tests on the MSC due to its life span being, as its size, microscopic.


Having outgrown their narcissistic phase, the MSCs are now making voracious efforts to comprehend the system in which they reside, primarily through their passion for naming things. Occasionally their word choice is praising – they refer to myself as a ‘star’ (a rather accurate choice if I may say so myself). However, other word formulations are less complimentary; ‘Jupiter’ (Joe Veel) is commonly referred to as a ‘giant ball of gas’ and they seem fixated on his ‘spot’, an observation that would not affect him if it were not for the fact that it is a deeply undesirable feature for the MSCs. (I attempt to console him by pointing out that I am apparently rife with the things.) Perhaps their most outrageous act has been to strip ‘Pluto’ of his position as ‘planet’ on account of his supposedly inadequate size. As we know ourselves, size is irrelevant in determining ‘Pluto’s’ worth as a co-ordinator. Admittedly a rather solitary member of the team, his particular ability to consider things from a tangent and more distanced perspective has led him to making innovative contributions to the project which the MSCs clearly do not comprehend or appreciate.


Despite their flaws, it is partly the MSC’s tenacity to explore, understand and develop, their willingness to change, that has inspired me adopt a similar attitude to my own career path. The research is still considered to be in its infancy, and yet the MSC cultures we are observing now have already evolved dramatically from those with which we started, and are seemingly making ever more conscious decisions to continue in this vein. In comparison to this, my career path appears rather stagnant, the continuation of which, as a universally renowned researcher, I simply cannot accept. I do not want it to appear that I am abandoning the project for purely selfish reasons. As I will explain in due course, I believe my withdrawal from SS and this project will enable it to flourish further. Before doing so, I would like to clarify that the MSC’s exploits are not my sole motivation for resigning as Centre Manager.


I must admit that my relationship with my colleagues has also influenced my decision. Having said this, I would immediately like to clarify that I am not referring to my relationship with Hermia Silver. Working in such close proximity with one another, it became impossible to ignore the intense forces of attraction between us. As has already been verified by both parties, we entered into a mutually consenting relationship, from the beginning of which I made clear my fiery, passionate nature. I did not, however, envisage that my natural temperament would have such adverse effects upon Miss Silver’s physical appearance. After consulting Valerie Nous, our staff wellbeing officer, we agreed it would be best to return to a professional relationship and have since remained as close working partners.


With regards to my other colleagues, I would first like to make clear that I cannot fault them on their work ethic which is steadfast, loyal and utterly reliable, something that has even been noted by the MSCs. I am personally rather fond of the compound’s claims that the order and dynamics of our team are analogous to a measuring device they call a ‘clock’. I believe it to be formed from multiple nanoscopic circles of ‘metal’ (a hard solid common in their inventions), that turn at different rates but in harmony, the cycle repeating itself every twelve hours, thus measuring Time. Occasionally the MSCs astound us with the accuracy of their observations of ourselves. They even note the brief contractual periods of the consultants we hire from Co-Met Ltd. Returning to the reliability of my colleagues; I am incredibly proud of the team I have established over the course of the millennia. I have spent my personal time and energy moulding individuals whose futures within SS were sometimes worryingly nebulous. I have carefully guided their individual paths in order to ultimately establish them as a cohesive team.


Recently, I have been concerned that, due to my own personal management style, in the past I have taken too firm a hold of the direction of projects, rendering the co-ordinators reluctant to, or even incapable of, choosing their own paths and ultimately assuming managerial roles. It is my responsibility to facilitate the continual growth and development of my team, and, in light of this, I have supervised several of the co-ordinators in establishing new research groups of their own, utilising the same circles of hierarchy as I have implemented for the SS senior research team. Others less confident leading a large team have enlisted a single research assistant. I feel that my colleagues are now adequately equipped to continue functioning without myself as a managerial lead, and believe the effects of my absence will in fact provoke exciting advancements in the MSC research. It saddens me to the core to be leaving not just an excellent team but what has become close circle of friends, however, I truly believe that I am making the right decision for myself and Solar Systems as a whole.


After careful consideration, I have chosen to accept a position as Joint Centre Manager at Klein Galaxis Ltd, replacing their former CM Hugo Klein who sadly has had to step down for health reasons. (It has been agreed that the branch will retain his name in remembrance). Several millennia ago he was diagnosed as having early onset symptoms of the atomic disorder Dwarfism which is, regrettably, terminal. Health usually deteriorates slowly over eons but unfortunately, Hugo is a rare case in which the process has been extremely rapid. Sadly he is losing the energy to fight and is not expected to be with us for very much longer. As a precaution, KGL has chosen to appoint two centre managers in his place, so that should one senior manager became indisposed, operations will remain functional with minor setbacks. Thus, I will be working in partnership with Stella Byrnes who is something of a rising star within KGL. We both believe that the fusion of my past experience and her youthful, creative energy will spark an ideal managerial partnership, a pairing that unfortunately was not possible at SS. We hope to arrange meetings soon discussing project proposals and subsequent staffing requirements (the suggestion of offering placements for local university students is being considered as a real possibility). Naturally, my expertise lends itself to forming a second project developing a new microscopic sentient compound and with the strength of two centre managers I have no doubt that we could contribute new and exciting elements to this field of research. For the meantime, I am open to new ideas and possibilities.


I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Solar Systems. It saddens me to be leaving but I know that this is the right trajectory for my career path. I have no doubt that we will keep in touch and I will make my best efforts to pop in every so often to see how far the MSCs have got. I owe a great deal to Milky Way Industries, and will remember my time here fondly. I wish you and the staff all the very best for the future.


I trust I can rely on you for a positive reference.

Yours sincerely,

Sol Day

Dear Mr Way


by Sian Lorna Dawson


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