holdfast magazine finances

We want to pay our contributors, because writing and illustrating is work, and people should be paid for the work that they do. We both edit Holdfast in our spare time, so try to fundraise and find sponsors when possible.


In 2014 we held a successful crowd funding campaign in order to publish a print anthology. The money raised was used to first cover the costs of the campaign and printing, and then all profits were split equally between all contributions. We are very pleased to have been able to pay our wonderful writers and artists for their work.  We are planning to run another campaign very soon, in order again to back pay all contributions for issues 5 – 8, and the second anthology. As we are reliant on fundraising, this does mean that there is no guarantee of payment, or of how much it will be. We can however promise to do our utmost to make it happen.


If you enjoyed the magazine, please do donate using the button below, to help us pay our fabulous writers and illustrators.



Laurel & Lucy

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