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Holdfast poem by Stephanie Saulter


Issue#1: Speculating About Speculative Women

Breaking Through the Silence: Searching for Black Female Experiences in Speculative Fiction by Chardine Taylor-Stone

Aliens Movie Marathon by Lucy Smee

Flashpoint by Susan Murray, with illustration by LA Spooner

The Impossibility of Walking by Amanda Mason, with illustration by Jacob M Wolf


Issue#2: Animals, Beasts & Creatures

A Letter to Margaret Atwood by Laurel Sills

The Fantasy Shark by Alice Sanders, with illustration by Natasha Brett

Lounging on the Couch in the Octopus of Love by Tantra Bensko, with illustration by Zoe-Ann Lee

Secret Six by Michael Spring, with illustration by Mat Andrew

The Crows at Chatressac by Nicki Heinen, with illustration by Matthew Clark Hellery


Issue#3: Objects, Artefacts & Talismans

Reflections and Mirrors in Fantasy: Desires, Divinations and Distortions of Reality by Brooke Rogers

The Unbelievers by Eric Randolph and Lucy Smee

Lemon Sandals by Zoe Gilbert, with illustration by Kirsty Greenwood

Blank Pages by Barry Charman, with illustration by Hannah Jacobs


Issue#4: Diverse Reflections

The Empty Mirror by Foz Meadows

Featured Author Interview: Stephanie Saulter by Lucy Smee

Blank: The Assumption of Whiteness in the Fake Landscape of the Fantasy Genre by Ben Peek

War and Peace by Joyce Chng, with illustration by Shashi Abayasekera

Tree of Life by Lisa M Collins, with illustration by MV Essick


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