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Welcome to Issue#3, Objects, Artefacts and Talismans, where we explore speculative fiction’s obsession with magical things. Talismans have a place in religion, myth, and story telling; from The Spear of Destiny to Thor’s Hammer, Excalibur to Tarot, these mystical objects have imprinted on our psyches, and have insinuated themselves into fantasy, sci-fi and horror.


Read about being lost in the woods, the danger of curiosity shops, and the power of simple everyday objects after the apocalypse in our fiction section. Find out about gruesome relics, magic mirrors, and whether we ever converted our Unbeliever to the wonders of fantasy and sci fi in our non fiction section.  Explore the depths of the Book of Shadows in Charmed and The Ocarina of Time from Zelda in cross media. And why not listen to our Talismans playlist in another window to get you in the mood as the breadth of Objects, Artefacts and Talismans blows your mind.


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