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Welcome to Issue#5: Of Land, Sea and Sky


This issue examines the importance of location and landscape in speculative fiction. Open up this issue's playlist in a new tab and have a read. Check out some fantastic new short stories by Ian Whates, Arike Oke, Stephen Thom and Colleen Quinn in the Fiction section, read about space stations in TV and games, the joys of hubs in video games and our Mad Max movie marathon in Cross Media, and in Non-fiction, find discussions by two Australian writers about depictions of the land and cultural appropriation, a letter of appreciation to Terry Pratchett, Sonia Mullet's latest column on rare books looking at the works of John Aubrey, an essay on Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane, and find out if we've converted our Unbeliever. We also have an interview with our featured author Paul Cornell and some great book recommendations in The Bookshelf.


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