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Welcome to Issue#8: Love, Sex, Romance


In Issue#8 we look at romantic relationships in speculative fiction. Not to start on a downer, but do open up our Broken Hearts of an Apocalyptic Proportion playlist in a new tab so you can listen along while you peruse the latest issue. We are thrilled to have Aliette de Bodard as our featured author, and talk to her about her latest book, her world-building and writing relationships. We have some wonderful short stories by Cheryl Morgan, Eliza Chan, Ian McHugh and Emma Whitehall in our fiction section. Find Sonia Mullett's latest column on out-of-print SFF works, this time about Rosel George Brown's cigar-smoking female Louisiana detective Sibyl Sue Blue, our latest Unbelievers column and some tips on how to write LGBQT relationships by Joanne Hall in our non fiction section, and in our cross media section, laugh and cry along with our Twilight movie marathon, read about relationships in Netflix's Jessica Jones and check out a letter of appreciation to Cartoon Network's animated series Steven Universe.


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