Holdfast was a free, quarterly, speculative fiction magazine that explored all things fantastic between 2013 and 2017. Founded by editors Laurel Sills and Lucy Smee, Holdfast ran for eight online issues, two print anthologies and a Brexit supplement. Every year, we held a crowdfunder to create two print anthologies, the purpose of which, alongside creating a beautiful book, was to pay all of the writers and artists that contributed to making each issue.


We wanted to celebrate speculative fiction by focusing on specific aspects of the genres in themed issues, picking apart each topic in a detailed, analytical yet entertaining way. These genres have so much to offer the literary world, and we wanted to share our passion for this rich, fascinating and varied resource.


In 2015 we were thrilled to win the British Fantasy Society Award for Best Magazine.


To read any of the online issues for free, please click on the archive page below.

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