100-4000 word short stories, any speculative fiction genre (related to the issue theme).


Please format in house style:

1.5 line spacing, line break paragraphs and single speech marks for dialogue, with double speech marks for quoting within speech.


Please submit file as .doc or .rtf. with your name and story title in the file name.


Please put 'fiction', the theme, and the title of your story in the subject line of your email.


Speculative Poetry

We are looking for thoughtful, imaginative, carefully crafted work, in keeping with the issue theme.


Please try to keep poems to under forty lines, and submit a maximum of four, within one document attachment. Please submit files as .doc or .rtf


Please put ‘Poetry’ and the theme in the subject line of your email.



Maximum 2000 words. Please send article ideas related to the issue theme with a link to examples of your work/blog (if you have any. We welcome unpublished non-fiction writers).


Please put 'Article' and the issue theme in the subject line of your email


A Letter to...

In each issue, we write a letter to an author that has influenced our reading, writing and lives that is in keeping with the issue theme. Do you have an author in mind whose work has featured this theme, that you want to write an open letter to? Please submit a 100 word explanation of who this is and what you want to say about them.


Please put 'A Letter to' in the subject line of your email.



We are looking for illustrators to help bring our fiction to life! Please contact us if you are interested. Please send an example of your work, or link to a portfolio.


Please put 'Illustration' in the subject line of your email.


Letters to the editors

Do you want to give your opinion on something you have read in our current issue? Tell us and we may feature your letter in the next issue.


Please put 'Letter to the editors' in the subject line of your email.



We are seriously working on revenue streams for the magazine that would enable us to reimburse contributors for their valuable work. We believe that writing and illustrating deserve reward. However, as this is a labour of love, we are presently unable to pay for contributions up front. Instead, we are going to operate a 'future-based earnings system': we will divide all future profits equally between all contributions. See our finance page here. We recently ran a successful indiegogo campaign to fund issues 1-4 and were able to pay all the writers and illustrators £18.36 per piece of work. Obviously, this is not as much as they deserved, but we are pleased we could pay something. We will try our best to raise a similar amount/more for issues 5-8.

Open Call for Submissions:


Fiction supplement Brexit edition


Deadline 15 August 2016


We are looking for speculative fiction drawing from all of the themes from issues 5 – 8, but also specifically inspired by the UK’s recent decision to leave the EU. Where can you see this going? Are we headed for dystopia or utopia? What would the ghosts of people that died in our two world wars think? What would a secret supernatural underworld be feeling right now? How would this affect witches, robots, fairies? Is there a terrifying lizard monster wearing a human’s skin and leading a certain political party that really doesn’t like immigrants? Perhaps someone can go back in time to alter the result? Or maybe someone is mind-controlling the population?  We want your most imaginative speculative fiction to explore your thoughts and feelings concerning this historic time.


Themes to hang your Brexit fiction on:


Issue #5 Of Land, Sea and Sky

(think place/borders/ownership/migration/refugees/origins)


Issue #6 Gods and Monsters

(think politics/manipulation/power)


Issue #7 Looking Forward Looking Back

(think dystopia/utopia/time travel/origins of EU)


Issue #8 Love Sex Romance

(think relationship/friendship/heartbreak/ unity)


The fiction supplement will be published online on the magazine site and sent out as a newsletter to subscribers.


Please read our submission guidelines below before submitting.


All submissions to:

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